This is an AI-voiced animation intro for an app navigation module, which is typical format for technology training. I also create similarly styled openers for instructor-led classes.

This is for a soft rollout of a new platform. I used a creative approach to turn a regular conference call recording into a much more engaging experience for viewers, generating a wider range of attention and interest.

This short scene depicts a scenario of adopting AI technology in a customer service platform.

My role: script adaptation, talent direction, lighting, sound, video shoot and edit.

This short, Q&A style interview is clearly a more effective communication than an old-fashioned PowerPoint deck when it comes to client onboarding discussions.

My role: subject matter/content alignment, talent direction, lighting, sound, video shoot and edit.

"What The Hail" is a bit of tongue-in-cheek way to demonstrate a typical workflow for property inspection for hail damages. This video received very positive feedback.

Single camera shoot on location. My role: script, coaching employee talents, shooting, audio recording & video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

This is a chapter from our customer service empathy training, illustrating the importance of listening.

My role: talent coaching, single-camera shoot & edit in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

This is a chapter from an animation series for customer property claims.

My role: audio recording and animation.


Below is a sample of my work in photography. I am fluent in image editing and thorough with composition, lighting and color management. I owned a professional studio in Chicago's North Shore and have done numerous photo shoots for live events, editorial and corporate engagements. I am also working on a personal fine art project called "North Shore Nostalgia". Click on either side of any image to navigate.

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