Behind The Camera

I’m Tao, which loosely translates to "water waves” in English. So I suppose it's natural that many of my images were created along the beaches of Chicago's North Shore. 

We all experience moments that we’d like to preserve forever. A portrait achieves just that - a candid, time-stopping glimpse into an exact moment. Creating that longevity for clients, friends and my own family has always been a privilege for me.

The 2,004-Acre Studio

I love nature too much to shoot all portraits inside a studio. So, unofficially, the North Shore area has been my “studio” since Lenswork Studio started in the town of Winnetka over 15 years ago. The storytelling style of our portraits has earned recognition from numerous longtime clients and local publications. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Summer and fall are the busiest time for the studio. Most families reserve their sessions from June through November. Photo sessions are mostly outdoors in the summer and fall, and in-home during winter and spring.

© Tao Zhang